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Classic Cultural

Our exceptional journeys will take you through the mysterious land of Chinggis Khaan, who built the largest land empire the world has ever known. We'll see the diverse religious heritage of Mongolia - Shamanism which venerates "the eternal blue sky", a Tibetan Buddhism, Gelugpa tradition founded by Je Tsong Khapa (known in Mongolia as Bogd Zonhov), and Islam, a religion of the ethnic Kazakhs. Of course, a major highlight of any of these trips is the opportunity to see and experience a centuries-old way of life. The symbols of this lifestyle have come to characterize Mongolia - solitary herders on horseback singing across the endless steppe, felt gers (the dome shaped structures also called "yurts") scattered among herds of animals, and the endless blue sky spreading out over rolling green hills. A great way to experience Mongolia is to visit during one of the major summer or winter holidays. The national sports festival, Naadam, takes place in July every year and captures the attention of the entire nation for the three day competition of archery, horseback riding and wrestling. In the winter, the nation celebrates Tsagaan Sar, the lunar New Year. This holiday combines aspects of Buddhism and shamanism along with several distinctly Mongolian features. We also provide tours to several other regional festivals such as the Kazakh Eagle Hunting Festival in western Mongolia, the Camel Festival in the Gobi Desert, and the Ice Festival on the frozen Khovsgol Lake. Join us on our classic cultural journeys and get a true feeling of Mongolian culture. The experience will leave you with an appreciation of country and lifelong memories.

Wildlife Eco-Tours

Mongolia's rich natural heritage and special biological diversity are a true treasure. Until recent years, his natural wonder has gone mostly unnoticed by the rest of the world. Its unique combination of diverse landscapes, unspoiled habitat, and rare wild plant and animal species has become the subject of growing international attention and conservation efforts. This recognition is welcomed by Mongolians, who continue to practice a centuries-old tradition of nature conservation. Today, as major changes sweep across the nation, we at Destination Mongolia (SND Co.,Ltd) are proud to contribute to these efforts. We believe that tourism can be a major force for good in the world, especially in developing countries such as Mongolia. We are committed to responsible tourism, but even more so, we take the opportunity to make our clients partners in the conservation effort. Our wildlife tours highlight the extraordinary biodiversity of Mongolia while steeping you in the history and threats that affect the wildlife. Our guides bring years of experience to your trip, ensuring the highest probability of seeing some of Mongolia's rare and endangered species. For wildlife enthusiasts, Mongolia is a destination that is sure to provide an unforgettable experience.





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