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Mongolia is a great nation in the heart of Asia, with eternal blue sky, unique culture, rich history, extraordinary beautiful nature and friendly people. It is quite big country which has 1,564,160 square km area where you can have a memorable journey to take exotic energy and feel freedom. Population density is too low comparing to the other countries. Average elevation of Mongolia is about 1580m above the sea level and three mountain ranges stretch across the north and west. East and south are occupied with Gobi desert.

There are four basic vegetation zones in Mongolia. These run in latitude from north to south and in elevation from the mountains to the basins and plains: forest-steppe, steppe, semi-desert, and desert. In addition, the higher mountains have bands of coniferous forest (taiga) and, higher yet, an alpine zone. The steppes (grasslands) predominate, covering more than three-fourths of the national territory. The mountain forest-steppe zone exhibits the richest diversity of plant and animal life.

Vegetation is scanty in semi-desert but sufficient to feed camels, goats, and sheep. More than 30 percent of the population is nomads or semi-nomads who are raising livestock such as sheep, goat, horse, camel, yak and cow. The nomads move 4 times a year depending on weather condition and food for the animals.

When you visit this wonderful country, you will discover a great history, arts, wild nature and unique culture. Driving through endless desert, hiking in the beautiful mountains and valleys, riding a horse on the vast steppe, meeting the nomad people will definitely make you excited.