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What is a tour with SND like?: First and foremost it's about people: your traveling companions, the SND team, an enduring friendship you strike in a remote wilderness. A trip with SND is also a relaxed but carefully planned ecological, cultural and adventure holiday, with none of the hassle associated with independent travel - nor the impersonal regime of mass tourism. Travel in Mongolia and North East Asia requires an exceptional level of organization- to research your trip locally put all the arrangements in place, find the right flights for you, inform you about the latest product - and to lead you through a very special adventure. While highly trained Tour Leaders are running expeditions all over the Mongolia, the backstage crew back in the France, Italy and Germany contribute a vast pool of skills to ensure the whole operation runs smoothly.

Can I extend or combine itineraries?: Planning the Journey of a Lifetime? SND offers several combos designed to combine contrasting experiences within a particular area: the South Gobi Desert, for instance, can be linked with an adventurous trek in Khovsgol Lake. Or if you're simply looking for the icing on the cake of your tour, why not tag on an extension? After a classic journey in Karakorum city, treat yourself to a one night stay in a ger camp at Terelj National Park.

Can I come alone? Can I come with a friend?: On average, about half of our group members are independent or single travelers with many regulars among them. It%u2019s a fact being within a group and in the hands of a tour leader relieves any concerns about feeling conspicuous in unfamiliar locations. It's also a much more sociable fun way of getting about, whether you're a couple, a group of friends or traveling solo.

Can you accommodate private groups?: Do you have a group of friends or family with similar interests who want to travel together? With no one else but your private group on board, your trip is yours to enjoy, and customize however you want with the help of one of our experienced trip guides. Every year we arrange many such expeditions for groups of friends and relatives, or for schools and special interest parties. Mostly they will travel on one of our existing programs; but if you have a specific request in mind or would like to discuss one of our itineraries, we'd be delighted to discuss that with you.