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My celebration of Mongolian new year 

Tsagaan Sar

Horse sled

Tsagaan Sar is celebrated according to the lunar calendar and is the official New Year for Mongolians. It also marks the end of winter and the beginning of the spring. Tsagaan Tsar is a lengthy celebration and a time for visiting family and friends. Traditionally the first day of the New Year begins by visiting a nearby, ovoo, or site of worship to offer thanks and gifts to the gods of the nature. After this the celebrating begins families first visit the oldest members.

Blue silk is used as a formal greeting and gifts are offered, usually money. Each member of the family is visited, from oldest to youngest, followed by other relatives and friends. The whole process can last up to several weeks in the countryside where long distances are travelled to make the visit. The celebration becomes an endless round of eating and drinking. Bortz, or steamed dumplings are constantly on the stove and served to each new guest that arrives. The fattest sheep is killed and great hunks of mutton fat dished out. A fat sheep's tail will adorn the centre of every family's dinner table. Vodka is also drunk, toasts made and many songs chanted and sung.



Day 1 | Ulaanbaatar / Terelj National park

Upon your arrival Destination Mongolia will meet you at international airport. Before going to Terelj National Park, we will visit Gandan Monastery, where many Buddhist people come to obtain blessings for the New Year. In Terelj National Park, which will display the fascinating nature scenery; Turtle rock massive rock statue, high mountains covered by coniferous forest, we will visit nomad family, where you will learn about the rituals and traditions associated with the New Year. You will take unique feeling from their tradition with warm and hospitable atmosphere. (L, D)

Day 2 | The Lunar New Year - Ulaanbaatar

Lunar New Year is the most important celebration for Mongolians and it has strict traditions on greetings. Usually young people greets old respectfully with blue sashes on hand saying "Amar baina uu?" means "How are you?". And guests welcomed to table for diverse type of beverages starting by milk tea to traditional food - buuz dumplings. Afterwards the visit of nomadic family we will head to Ulaanbaatar city. (B, L, D)

Day 3 | Ulaanbaatar city sightseeing

We will enjoy the city sightseeing by visiting the Bogd Khan's winter palace museum, Sukhbaatar square and Zaisan hill. In the evening, you will attend a performance of traditional dancing and khuumii (Mongolian throat singing). (B, L, D)

Day 4 | International Departure

Your admirable journey ends with transferring to the airport for international departure. (B)

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      Day 1 | South Gobi

      Flight to South Gobi to experience the interesting events and you will be amazed by beautifully made traditional costumes. During the festival camel carnival, polo, and other performances will be held. (B, L, D)

      Day 2 | Camel festival

      The second day of the festival will be spent with full of fun and exciting events such as an amusing camel race, camel breeders' marathon and Camel award ceremony. (B, L, D)

      Day 3 | Yol Valley / Bayanzag

      Drive to Yol Valley and discover a beautiful gorge in Gurvan Saikhan Mountain. (B, L, D)

      Day 4 | Bayanzag flaming cliff

      Explore the Bayanzag area for a fantastic discovery the ontological site of Mongolia. In 1920 Roy Andrew Chapman had a big booty like fossilized dinosaur bones and eggs. (B, L, D)

      Day 5 | Ulaanbaatar

      Fly back to Ulaanbaatar and lodge in hotel. (B, L, D)





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