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Golden Eagle Festival 

Tour date | from 30 September 2017 to 8 October 2017

The Kazakh people


The Kazakh - a Turkish word meaning "free man", "adventurer", "separated from the herd" - originally belonged to a confederation of Uzbek tribes from which they separated to from a political unit in northeast Turkestan. The Mongol Kazakh are through to come from the Hereit and Naiman tribes, who are mentioned in the Mongol chronicle, the Secret History of the Mongols. At the end of the 1860s, part of the Kereit settled down on the northern slope of the Altai, and nomadised along an affluent of the Khovd River, in the present Bayan-Ulgii Aimag. After the 1921 Revolution and the agreement over the establishment of frontiers between China, Mongolia, and Russia, the Kazakh herders continued to travel from one country to another, ignoring these new demarcations, until the creation in 1940 of a territory intended specifically for them.

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Day 1 | Ulaanbaatar

Greeting at the airport by Destination Mongolia team. Transfer to hotel and city sightseeing trip including fascinating Sukhbaatar square, Gandan monastery- the biggest and with more than 400 monks, and National History museum that introduces briefly about the great history of Mongolia. (L, D)

Day 2 | Bayan-Ulgii/ Sagsai area

After a few hours flight to Bayan-Ulgii, the capital of Mongolia's westernmost province, situated amongst the splashing Altai Mountains. We will be met with our drivers at the airport and taken to Tsengel area, home to a population of Kazakh nomads. (B, L, D)

Day 3 | Golden Eagle Festival

This unique festival features the fascinating history and techniques of traditional Kazakh eagle-hunting. Highlights of the day include an eagle-call competition, knucklebone and archery contests, eagle trapping, and an exhibition of richly ornamented Kazakh wall hangings and exclusive interviews with eagle hunters. (B, L, D)

Day 4 | Golden Eagle Festival

The second day of the Golden Eagle Festival has events showcasing the diversity of local traditions. There are more contests among the eagle hunters as well as various Kazakh games played on horseback - the "Bushkashi" competition, in which opponents attempt to fight on horseback for a goat skin; Kyz Kuat, a race between men and women; and Tiyn Teru, in which riders race to gather coins from the ground. (B, L, D)

Day 5 | Altai Tavan Bogd Mountains

The first part of this day will be spent driving west to Tavan Bogd National Park. The National Park is named for the 5 peak Tavan Bogd Mountains, the tallest in Mongolia. Along the base of these 4370 meter peaks is Mongolia's longest glacier and great views into Russia and China. We will spend the night at the end of the road near the peaks. (B, L, D)

Day 6 | Bayan-Ulgii town

Among the way to Ulgii town, we will drive through beautiful scenery and visit extremely hospitable Khazakh family and learn their unique culture. Arrive in Ulgii town in the evening. (B, L, D)

Day 7 | Ulaanbaatar city

You will take a return flight to Ulaanbaatar city for a visit the folk concert in the evening. (B, L, D)

Day 8 | Departure

Your splendid journey ends with transferring to the airport for your departure. (B)

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      Day 1 | Tolbo Lake and Deluun County

      Begin the fascinating trip to Deluun County via beautiful Tolbo Lake in the land of the Kazakh people. We will camp near Chigertei River.

      Day 2/3 | Excursion in Sacred Mountains of the Monkh-Khairkhan

      You will expend a day to the best trek in Monkh-Khairkhan Mountains, Mongolia's second highest peak, at 4205 meters above sea level.

      Day 4 | Khoid Tsenkher Cave

      Explore the famous Khoid Tsenkher Cave , site of the most ancient known rock paintings in Central Asia, thought to have been produced at least 15,000 years ago.

      Day 5 | Khar Us Lake and Khovd town

      Drive to the town Khovd via Khar Us "Black Water" Lake a birds' paradise, Khar Us Lake is home to more than 200 different species of migratory waterfowl in the summer month.

      Day 6 | Ulaanbaatar city

      Flight to Ulaanbaatar when we get there we will have free time for shopping and resting. In the evening we will attend the traditional concert and farewell dinner.





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